• Me: oh thats cute
  • *checks price tag*
  • Me: no its not

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I just have this compassion all heart consuming love for ALL people i can’t help but love everyone. I can’t ignore the fire in my soul for people!

God & friendships.

So a few weeks ago I went to MI and while I was there I was supposed to see my “best friend” but she blew me off for her friend and her boyff and I never even found out why later on. Latter, she started tweeting really not nice things so I just blocked her because I could not handle it, and I was not going to even try to understand it. I tried calling and texting her for days on end and got NOTHING back. I decided to just let go and put it into God’s hands, I am so broken hearted it’s not even funny but I know God would never let this happen without a purpose. I think, I see now, that I was putting too much faith in her and not enough in God, everytime something went wrong I went to her instead of Him. I’m not saying that means we can’t be friends, but maybe thats why God let this happen. I just pray that one day she will be my friend again. Jesus heal my broken heart, I know it’s just a friendship but she was my VERY best friend, no one understands me like she does and no one could ever fill her place, just take away the hurt. Please bring me good friends who are planted firmly in you! Amen.